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Innovation in Simulation: A Look at Mimic’s Newest Robotic Surgery Simulation Products

During the recent AAGL – 41st Global Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecology in  Las Vegas, hundreds of attendees joined Mimic Technologies at their much anticipated Launch Party to witness the revealing of the robotic simulation platform of the future: MSim 2.0™. In case you missed the event, here’s your chance to view the full length video showcasing the latest advances in robotic surgery simulation.

As creators of the most rapidly adapted robotic surgery simulation software ever, Mimic is  proud to announce the following new products:

MSim 2.0
Mimic  launched the most advanced simulation platform in the industry, MSim 2.0, at the AAGL conference.  This new technology combines highly realistic training scenarios with high quality 3D models of virtual instruments where we have the flexibility to incorporate new da Vinci instruments and techniques as they become available.

To see this incredible new software watch the video below

Suturing & Knot Tying
Mimic also debuted its advanced suturing, knot tying and stereo video technology which will enable procedure-specific content.  These more advanced exercises will help the user improve basic suturing and knot tying techniques with a variety of geometries common to robotic surgeries.  As you would expect from the pioneer of Robotic Surgery simulation, this  comprehensive software  will revolutionize  the simulation community.

To see a beta version of this technology view the video below.

Also, Mimic developed Mshare, a collaborative online forum for robotic surgery curricula that helps foster collaboration and the formulation of training ideas.  Now surgeons and hospitals world-wide can share curricula that have been validated by academic research.  This comprehensive portal  allows users to easily import and export many different types of curricula directly into or from your dV-Trainer.  (http://www.mimicsimulation.com/training/mshare/)

Mimic’s MLabs, are innovative robotic surgery “dry labs” designed to be exact representations of existing virtual reality exercises available on the dV-Trainer and the da Vinci® Skills Simulator.  MLabs provides a continuous training path when moving from virtual reality training on a simulator to hands-on training on the actual robot. For the first time, surgeons will be able to easily compare training results across platforms.

The dV-Trainer closely reproduces the experience of the da Vinci surgeon console and helps develop basic surgical skills.  The dV-Trainer is the only robotic simulator that has been independently validated in published studies.  (http://www.mimicsimulation.com/wp-content/uploads/ValidationStudies-Flyer_q3-12.pdf)

To learn more about any of these products, or to request a demo, please Contact Mimic Technologies.

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