Consulting Philosophy

Expertise, Experience, and Data to Guide Your Program

Why Mimic?

Innovation and Thought Leadership in Robotic Surgery Simulation

In today’s healthcare environment a surgical staff‘s ability to deliver high quality clinical outcomes is increasingly an area of focus due to the penalties being imposed associated with subpar clinical performance. Mimic is uniquely suited to deliver products and services that allow surgical staff to master both the didactic and psychomotor skills required to perform robotic surgery. Mimic has developed training modules with objective assessments that can be used to help surgical staff as they move through their learning curve as well as provide a platform for proficiency assessment as part of a comprehensive risk management strategy.

Cost-effective and Accessible Training

Increasingly Mimic has been asked not only to provide the hardware & software platforms but to also help in the integration of the simulators into the hospitals training and risk management protocols. We have therefore developed a number of services that we believe will help an institution meet its quality and cost objectives by rapidly integrating simulation into their robotic programs.

World-class Training Partnerships

Leveraging an extensive network of partnerships with visionary institutions worldwide, expert clinical staff, and innovative simulation training, Mimic will help train your robotic surgery teams to move safely up the learning curve faster and more efficiently.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our full complement of Consultancy Services is designed to support your needs with managing robotic surgery programs by offering valuable insights and data-driven recommendations to develop complete programs, including best practices and protocols.

Mimic Offers Expertise and Best Practices for:

  • Robotic Surgery Training Program Improvement
  • Curriculum & Competency Development
  • Analytics & Performance Data Management
  • Staff Education & Development for Simulation Program Managers, Trainers, and Support Personnel
  • Virtual Reality Simulation Lab Design & Development
  • Cloud-based Data Management and Reporting Solutions
  • Credentialing, Privileging, Risk Management, and Performance Monitoring support