Consulting Process

Let the Experts Help You

Working with MimicMED Consultancy Services

MimicMED will work closely with your institution to help you identify the main goals and objectives in what you are trying to achieve with your robotic surgery program.

Our consultancy service packages might include the following:

  • Hospital Needs Analysis: looking at current and future goals of your robotic surgery program
  • Robotic Surgery Training Program Specification
  • Program Setup and Implementation
  • Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

While the principles of training surgical teams are common to all programs, objectives do vary from institution to institution. Our approach is to adapt tried and tested methodologies to meet the specific requirements each unique institution.

The key drivers that will impact program development time and costs are:

  • The number of specialties involved in the robotic program and their current and future procedural objectives
  • The number and type of surgical staff that will be included in the training program
  • Whether a GME program is also running at the institution
  • Whether the institution will use pre-existing proficiency benchmarks or wishes to develop its own
  • How the institution integrates simulation into its credentialing and privileging protocols
  • How many separate locations will be involved in the program
  • How many da Vinci® Systems at the institution
  • How many and what type of simulators are found at the institution