Partnership with Intuitive Surgical®

New Advanced Skills Packages for the da Vinci® Xi Skills Simulator:

Advanced Procedure-specific Suturing:

Advanced Suturing and Knot-tying:

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The Skills Simulator, sold exclusively through Intuitive Surgical, converts a da Vinci® Surgeon’s Console into a surgical simulator. Intuitive and Mimic released the Si and Xi Skills Simulator with 27 of Mimic’s popular basic Skills exercises. Additional content from Mimic is now available, including packages for Advanced Procedure-Specific Suturing & Advanced Suturing and Knot-tying (exclusively for Xi version P6 or later).

Since 2003, Mimic has enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Intuitive Surgical, developer of the da Vinci® Surgical System and the global leader in the field of robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. In order to make the dV-Trainer® the most realistic da Vinci® emulator possible, Mimic has licensed Intuitive Surgical technology related to the da Vinci® robot kinematics, instrument design, vision display, multimedia content, and API.

In fact, the virtual representation of the robot and instruments were created from the original CAD files used to manufacture the actual da Vinci® robot. Through our ongoing partnership with Intuitive Surgical, we aim to continue introducing our customers to new da Vinci® technology in the virtual world shortly after such technology becomes available in the real world.