Inside the Team Trainer

Bringing the best out of surgical teams

New hardware, proven simulation technology

Available as an optional hardware complement for the dV-Trainer® simulator, the Xperience Team Trainer is designed to simulate the patient-side working environment for the first assistant.

Hardware features:

  • Two movable laparoscopic tool ports with force feedback capability and width adjustment
  • Rotation and tilt adjustability supports common port positions used during robotic procedures
  • Ergonomic height adjustment
  • Integrated video monitor
  • Rolling cart for easy positioning and transport

Both the dV-Trainer and the Xperience Team Trainer are powered by Mimic’s revolutionary MSim™ platform, producing the most realistic surgery simulation available.

Skills focus areas

Several of the most widely-used skills exercises on the dV-Trainer have been modified to accommodate the first assistant.

With 13 different team training exercise variations in total, the Xperience Team Trainer helps build teamwork and synchronization for common robotic surgery maneuvers.

  • Transfers and handoffs
  • Retraction
  • Clip application

The XTT also features 11 laparoscopic-only exercises meant for the First Assistant to continue refining their laparoscopic skills in addition to practicing coordination and communication with the robotic surgeon.

  • Object Manipulation
  • Needle Control & Needle Driving
  • Energy & Dissection
  • Suturing & Knot Tying
  • Clip Application

Proficiency-based scoring

MScore™ enables proficiency-based scoring for each individual and for the team.



All XTT exercises require connection to a dV-Trainer

To download more information about the Xperience Team Trainer and other Mimic solutions, visit the Resources page.