Research Partner Program

How to participate


Program eligibility

To participate in Mimic’s Research Partner Program, an institution must have experience utilizing surgery simulators, have faculty that regularly teach da Vinci© operation, and/or own multiple da Vinci systems that are heavily utilized.

Joining the program is easy. Simply complete your Letter of Research Intent, outlining the areas of research in which you wish to participate, and submit it to Mimic. Once we’ve received your letter of intent, we’ll contact you to discuss our collaboration further. Research must commence within one year of signing up for the program.

Qualifying research

Qualifying research projects may include (but are not limited to):

  • Conduct a validation study with published results involving the dV-Trainer® or related Mimic products
  • Conduct at least one Focus Group in which product testing results, feedback, and metrics are collected on Mimic products and/or services
  • Provide input, and contribute to the ongoing development of Mimic products and services (details to be outlined in the Letter of Intent)

If you would like assistance in choosing a research topic, please contact us to discuss this in more detail.