Training Options

When and Where It's Convenient

MimicMED One-on-One Robotic Simulation Training

One-on-One training courses through MimicMED are conducted entirely on Mimic’s dV-Trainer robotic surgical simulator.  The courses are held at the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center in Celebration, Florida and are 1-Day in length. CME’s are awarded for completion of this course, which focuses on the development of core robotic surgical skills including: Endowrist Manipulation, Camera Navigation, Clutching, Energy Application, 4th Arm Manipulation, Needle Driving, Knot Tying, & Suturing.

Registration for One-on-One Training is based on proctor availability and must be coordinated through MimicMED. Current availability starting in March 2016 and is based on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost of this one-on-one training course is $800 per surgeon.

For more information and to register please contact:

Todd Larson
Phone: 407-303-4790
Email: todd@mimicsimulation.com


Other training opportunities through Mimic’s world-class partnerships

UPMCUniversity of Pittsburg Medical Center (UPMC) Center for Advanced Robotic Training (CART) Courses, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The UPMC CART Program features proctorship and mentorship for surgeons seeking to enhance their skills in robotic surgery. Training programs are currently offered in cardiac surgery, ENT surgery, surgical oncology, and thoracic surgery.

For more information on the courses offered at UPMC please contact:


stanSTAN Institute Robotic Training Courses, Nancy, France

The STAN Institute in Nancy, France conducts 5-Day long training courses in Robotic Surgery. The courses focus on both individual and team performance and focus on developing a solid practice base for robotic surgery. This comprehensive program offers 2 certificate options that include an Inter-University Diploma or a STAN Certificate of Participation.

For more information on the courses offered at the STAN Institute please contact:


ORSIORSI (Olv Vattikuti Robotic Surgery Institute) Courses, Belgium

ORSI has an international recognition of providing top quality surgical operations with several areas of expertise for robotic surgery. The mission of ORSI is to pass on their experience and expertise in the field of robotic surgery to physicians and their teams via result oriented training.

For more information on the courses offered at ORSI please contact:


eriERI (European Robotic Institute) Courses, Gronau, Germany 

The European Robotic Institute was founded in 2012 in order to improve education and training in the medical field. Their philosophy is that better, more structured training and instruction regarding medical technology would lead to better treatment results and would thus be beneficial for the patient as well. ERI is located at St. Antonius-Hospital in Gronau, Germany.

For more information on the courses offered at ERI please contact:


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