Why train with Mimic?

Wide Ranging Robotic Surgery Training Experience

Focused on assisting hospitals to better maximize their investment in robotic surgery, Mimic has over 10 years of experience providing robotic surgery simulation training and support.

MimicMED was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of Mimic Technologies, Inc and is headquartered at Florida Hospital Nicholson Center in Celebration, Florida with the mission to offer improved robotic surgery training.

MimicMED’s training philosophy is to incorporate hands-on, active learning as much as possible in our training courses.  Although learning through lectures and watching live cases is useful and informative, this can be achieved via the internet and online learning portals.

MimicMED’s primary objective is to offer real in-person learning experiences that cannot be offered remotely.  Utilizing Mimic’s robotic surgery simulators, MimicMED training helps surgeons learn in a safe environment, faster and more efficiently while working towards proficiency standards.


MimicMED offers Hands-on Training courses for:

  • Introduction to Robotic Surgery

    Designed for surgeons who are new to robotic surgery, focusing on core psychomotor skills development.  (These courses are often run in conjunction with well-known medical societies and long-time Mimic partners, including: EAU, AAGL, AUA, and SLS)

  • Evaluation of Performance

    Training sessions to assess the current level of performance of an established robotic surgeon and to offer recommendations and training exercises for skills improvement.

  • Remedial Training

    A refresher course for practicing robotic surgeons who may have experienced skill deterioration or who wish to keep their skills current while they are not performing a sufficient amount of cases to maintain robotic surgery skills


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